Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i love bags. i am forever in search of the perfect handbag (i have yet to find it) but i did buy a really cool bag this weekend - the "Duck Bag" by Baggu. i bought mine at a store in the city (rogan) but they're available on line here.

 i bought the color below - an easy, grey neutral for summer. it is has an interior pocket (which a lot of casual, canvas totes don't have) and a snap closure. it's a great everyday bag but it'll be a great travel bag (prefect for the way too many magazines i jam in my bag when i go on trips). oh, and it's only $22.

and i'm thinking about getting a couple of these for groceries. they fold up into a neat little pouch and they're machine washable (perfect for the germaphobe in me). and they come in fun colors and patterns.


  1. love all the colors and patterns of the foldable tote. that's a great gift idea!

  2. Very cute - both totes. I'll have one (or more). ;)