Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day !

 my sisters and i are so lucky to have such an awesome dad. he's caring, loving and always supportive. he worries way too much about us but it shows he truly cares about our well being and our happiness. 

i think he probably drove a million miles, flew hundreds of miles and spent countless hours taking me to soccer games and watching them, all over the country (and i'm sure many of those games were not the most exciting to watch - how fun can watching 10 year olds chasing the ball around be?!). at the time, i didn't fully realize how much time, effort and money he (and my mom) put into my sports. looking back, i realize how selfless and supportive they both were. 

there are many reasons why i love my dad, but being a soccer dad is a big one.

check out those plaid pants in the above photo. awesome.

happy father's day !

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  1. I loved this one Bryn. I know parents always are selfless. Such a cute blog from you today!
    XOXO Reena