Friday, July 15, 2011

elie saab gowns.

 my sister, kristin, recently sent me the link to elie saab's fall 2011 couture show on

every. dress. is. stunning.

really, there is not one dress in the entire collection that is not gorgeous.


i wish i had a super fancy event to wear one of these perdy frocks to. oh, and the extra money in my bank account to buy one :) and some of these would make ridiculous bridal gowns (ridiculous in a good way). see the entire collection here.

tgif !

p.s. i get to see my oldest sister, lauren, today for lunch (she's in town for a friend's wedding this weekend) ... we're going to penelope - can't wait! to see lauren AND for the food :)



  1. yup, I am OBSESSED with his work...LOVE it all!

  2. love the strapless one (7th from the bottom) - perfect wedding dresses!!