Wednesday, July 27, 2011

have your cake. and eat it.

there are so many wedding cake options ... between flavors, colors, designs, toppers ... how to choose? these are some of my faves. they're all so different and i like each one for different reasons. that's the cool thing with cakes, they can be custom made for every and any wedding (or party!) ...

and how adorable is this one with mini bunting?!

and a mini ruffle icing cake made out of cupcakes?! DIY here

i love this one - the colors, the flowers ... and hello, check out that cake topper! how cool and fun?!

most ridiculous cake?

actually, this one probably takes the cake (haha). but really ...

and lastly ... gold on a silver platter? so amazingly cool.

which one is your fave?

happy hump day!

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