Tuesday, July 26, 2011

office space.

late post today, folks ... i was at the MET this morning (work field trip) to see the Alexander Mcqueen exhibit (SO cool) and then a few of us volunteered with a great organization called KidsCreative (we helped design sets for the plays they create and perform - so fun!) ... anyway, without further ado ...

i spend a lot of time at night and on weekends working on the lovely byrdie, reading other blogs, checking out websites, responding to emails, etc. i work at a little butcher block cart (meant to be a kitchen table) in my tiny kitchen. i would LOVE to have a home office like this one ...

(see the post on the glamourai here)

any of these office spaces would do as well ...


umm ... that office view (below)? yes, please.

as i've mentioned previously, my good friend Michelle, is Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Lonny magazine ... they recently did a total makeover to their office space - check it out here - so dreamy!

for now, my little butcher block will have to do ... *sigh* 


  1. Why doesn't my home office ever look as clean, neat and chic as the office spaces above? I think a Byrd-ie makeover is in order.

  2. ok this was so worth a late-night check since i had missed seeing the blog earlier! i am in LOVE with the space that has shutter-like walls - so cool and so much light! also i love the "Work hard and be nice to people" poster - great art that holds a great reminder. my space is a wooden ikea kitchen table that remains cluttered, always.