Friday, August 19, 2011


it's friday, friends. yay! 

today i'm featuring my arm parties ...

right arm 
 left arm

and i was thinking ... i should challenge myself. to a 5 day arm party challenge. what it entails? to sport a different arm party everyday day next week. this might seem easy but i usually get in a holding pattern with the same 5-15 bracelets on my right arm (my left arm has pretty much stayed the same in the past couple months, minus the 3 watches that are in rotation - gold Timex, silver Casio and black Casio calculator). i'll post a daily party photo. yahoo! i bet you're excited.

weekend plans? tonight i'm attempting to cook something with my sister, kristin's, CSA goods (she's out of town so i got to collect the produce. see some of the stuff below.). tomorrow i'm hitting the Summer Streets again, this time on two wheels (i'm borrowing kristin's bike as we all know from yesterday's post, i'm without bike) and after that? who knows. i was thinking the Brooklyn Botanic Garden but the weather might not permit that plan. 

have a great weekend !

photos: yours truly

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  1. as a beginner arm partier, you're an inspiration byrdie!! those CSA goodies look so good!!! hope your beets were delish. xo