Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i heart.

things i'm loving lately ...

muji pens - they are so smooth and come in great colors
vinho verde, Gazela - light and a bit sparkly, great for summer (and super affordable)
luke's lobster - their lobster rolls are SO good (not too mayonnaise-y which can ruin a roll)
Jenny Sheriff safety pin earrings - i've been wearing them nonstop since i bought them in june (really, i never take them off). i got them at this cool store in brooklyn
stripes - i can't stop wearing and buying striped tops
outdoor movies - i've been to two this summer and plan on seeing at least one more. i saw Ghostbusters (such a great movie) at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and The Other Guys (ridiculous and hilarious) at the Hudson River Park (they have free popcorn and ben & jerry's!)
american apparel black leather pouch - big enough to carry all my junk but still refined
white keds - i haven't had keds in years (since elementary school?). they're so practical and go with everything

happy hump day!

p.s. happy birthday to my awesome dad! :)

photos: google, yours truly

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  1. those pens remind me of GEL pens we used to get specifically for doodling and writing notes in high school. the safety pin earrings are even cooler in person!