Tuesday, August 2, 2011

meg in NYC!

as i mentioned yesterday, my sister, meg, is coming to visit this week (she gets in today, can't wait!). what do we have planned? lots of eating, of course. places we plan to visit ...

penelope - we all know i love this place! meg actually used to be a server there, years ago, when she lived in nyc. that's when our obsession began.
the meatball shop - i don't eat meat but they have great veggie meatballs and amazing pesto sauce. they also have really good vegetable sides. oh, and homemade ice cream sandwiches with your choice of cookies (you can mix and match) and ice cream.
roasting plant- each cup of coffee is brewed on demand. so good.

bagels - of course
New York pizza - a given
beyoglu - we know by now that it's one of my faves!
pinkberry - a light but good dessert
we plan on running in an attempt to burn off some of the calories we'll be consuming :) 
we're headed to the beach on thursday and up to Portland, Maine for our family's annual Lobsterfest. it will be a fun week and weekend!

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  1. woooo! just read this post! penelope was delicious, obviously, and so was the company! bagel for b-fast right now, can't wait for more nyc goodies!!