Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tunes on tuesday.

this month, my sister meg, is giving us a look into her ipod. since she's a total music junkie (i've gotten a lot of my great tunes from her, like Mumford & Sons, Temper Trap, Yeasayer ... the list goes on), we're featuring four (vs the usual three) of her current favorite tunes. she also included a little diddy about each pick. without further ado ...

drumroll, please ...  drumroll.

"My Body" - Young the Giant
  "A band whose members are of Persian, Indian, British and French Canadian descent, make tunes that are fun to workout to or to drive with the windows down, this song especially."

"King of Spain" - Tallest Man on Earth
"Kristian Matsson, just a nugget of a guy (he is barely over 5' tall), is "the tallest man on earth" - a singer/songwriter with a very raw but alluring sound - these lyrics are fun and he is a fellow Scandinavian, so I love that too."

"King of Diamonds" - Motopony
"The fact that this band's lead guy picked up a guitar at age 27 combined with the four free mini concerts they performed at various Southwest Airlines terminals in June makes them pretty rad. And I think we can all relate to the meaning of this song."

"Cats and Dogs" - The Head and the Heart
"This band will soon take the country, or world, by storm (think Mumford & Sons) - this folky little tune will make you tap or clap or snap ... and I think the band is as pretty as the music."

i hope you enjoy her picks! which one is your fave? i really like Motopony and Young the Giant. and she totally taps, claps and snaps to music as i've seen it in person ("i think my fingers are sore from snapping last night" - direct quote from meg).

p.s. she recently guest blogged on fresh equation - check it out here !

* a special thanks to meg!!

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  2. Love all of them but The Head and the Heart is my favorite!

  3. My two faves are Motopony and the Head and the Heart. I really enjoyed this post. Fun!

  4. Thanks Meg! Feel free to send me a mix CD. Ha!