Friday, August 12, 2011

yellow chucks.

this guy might be the cutest coolest little dude ever at a wedding  ...

seriously - the yellow chucks, the shades, the stance ... love it.

and how adorable and cool is she in her poofy dress and yellow chucks?

 not to mention the bride's stunning lace dress and the groom's cool getup ... see the entire costa rica wedding here.

i'm running summer streets tomorrow a.m. (they close a street from the upper east side to the brooklyn bridge for runners, walkers and bikers), it's really fun and a nice change from my usual central park route.

last year they set up two small pools open to the public along the route (complete with lifeguards) ...

happy friday! very excited for the weekend.

photos: style me pretty, google, gothamist


  1. That little guy is sooooo adorable. I love it
    Good job - xoxo Reena

  2. Have fun at Summer Streets! I am bummed I can't run with you this year.

  3. love those little nuggets! and summer streets looks soooo fun! i can't wait to hear about it! so fun they put those pools there!

  4. Hahaha! That little guy in the wedding photo is priceless.