Friday, September 30, 2011


so i'm now a brooklyner. and i couldn't be happier. i'm obsessed with our new apt and the new hood. unlucky for me, i have to work today ... and all i can think about is the apt, unpacking and getting settled. i know what i'll be doing this weekend ...

after a 10 hour day of loading the truck and unloading the truck, i'm so sore and exhausted (at least i got a good workout in yesterday). i would love to be napping in this room right now ...

or in my new, awesome bedroom :)

happy weekend !

photo: pinterest

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

farewell manhattan ...

... hello brooklyn!

after six and a half years of living in manattan, i'm saying goodbye to this amazing borough. my bf and i are moving in together (woo!) and we're making the leap across the river to carroll gardens, brooklyn. we're SO excited. we lucked out and found an awesome apartment (with two fireplaces! non-working but still a plus) with lots of space (a drastic change from my tiny apt that i've been living in for the past two years). we're excited to live together, to have space and to explore all the gems in our new hood. 

my dad is from brooklyn (bayridge) so i think it's pretty cool that i'll be living there. now if i can just keep stalking my friend michelle (of Lonny mag) for her expert advice on interior designing ... 

thursday is moving day (can't wait to get it over with!) so i apologize in advance for the short (or lack of) posts this week. 

happy day!

photos: we heart it

Saturday, September 24, 2011


a few things ...

i went for a run in Central Park this morning (shocking, i know) and i ventured into the Conservatory Garden (i've only been in there once before, thanks to a friend showing it to me). it's absolutely stunning, so pretty. i highly reccommend a visit ...

check out this recently new online wedding mag - Smitten - some great inspiration! 

my previous client's engagement shoot (that i featured earlier this week) was featured on Glamour and Grace (a great wedding blog!), check it out here.

speaking of weddings, i'm headed to one this afternoon (as a guest, not a coordinator) ... the ceremony is at St. Patrick's Cathedral and the receptoin is at The Lighthouse at Pier Sixty, should be fun!

happy weekend! go bucks!

photos: google

Friday, September 23, 2011


it's officially fall! i'm sad to say goodbye to bare legs (maybe not just yet, we have a week or two) and sandals (mostly because we won't see them for another, oh, 8 months). and as usual, with the changing of a season, i have a hard time figuring out what to wear and what my style is (or want it to be) for the new season. so i'm looking to these cool ladies for inspiration ...

now ... to shop my closet and maybe pick up a few new items ...

happy fall friday !