Thursday, September 22, 2011

heirloom wedding rings.

i love jewelry (which we all know by now). and i love vintage jewelry - it's completely unique and has a history. so, obviously i like the idea of an heirloom wedding ring ...

clearly not a wedding ring, but how cool are these earings (found when searching Doyle&doyle for rings) - little door knocker studs!

back to wedding rings ...

my sister, lauren, recently got engaged (to a great guy, of course), woo!! we're so excited and happy for them. her ring is a stunning heirloom from Stonehome Antiques (great little shop in Portland, ME). it has diamonds and little sapphires, so perdy. congrats to the happy couple! :)

and speaking of lauren, it's her birthday today ... happy bday, laur!


  1. Beautiful jewelry! Congratulations to Lauren!

  2. i love the 5th and 6th ones!! and the plain silver band. my friend jamie has a vintage engagement ring too and it is beautiful. LOVE yours, lauren!!! so unique and gorgeous. i love those lion earrings!

  3. Thanks for the special feature. I also LOVE my ring ;) and actually like the idea of a simple, vintage silver band like the one you pictured for my wedding band.