Tuesday, October 4, 2011


as i try to unpack and organize my closet (a walk-in!! with a window and a little vanity table under it!) i'm looking for organizational inspiration (since i'm sharing with my bf - who has TONS of shoes all in the shoe boxes - we have to be creative) ... while my closet may not be as big as these, they're pretty awesome to look at and to get ideas from ...

 for all my jewels ...
 i have that petticoat :) how fun to display it ...
i need those shelves for my handbags!
a washer and dryer IN the closet? genious.

although my closet isn't as big as the above images, i'm SO grateful to have a walk-in. i used to dream about having a walk-in closet, literally, i had dreams about it. and now it's a reality, yahoo!

happy day !

photos: pinterest

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  1. wooo! so happy for you and your closet. washer and dryer in the closet? brilliant. these are ridiculous!!! like: "just going to rummage through my closet, be back in a few hours. if you would like to sit and eat dinner while you wait for me, there is a seat at the table in the middle of my closet." no big.