Tuesday, October 18, 2011


byrdie is going on vacation for a bit (i wish I was going on vacation, i totally need one!). as much as i'd like to blog all day long, i'm a bit busy lately and i can't keep up with it (and unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills). booo. i might be able to post sporadically ... bear with me!

for some great reading in the meantime, check out some of my favorite sites ... Lonny, Fresh Equation, The Manrepeller, Style Me Pretty, NYMag, Juenbug, Oliveaux ... and of course you could start from the beginning of byrdie and make sure you've seen it all :) ...

i wish i was escaping to the amazing Tensing Pen in Jamaica (above) for a vacation ... *sigh* ...

until next time ...



  1. i wish i was in tensing pen too byrdie!! get all your s**t done and come back soon! <3