Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tunes on tuesday.

friends. here we are, tunes on tuesday. 

today i'm featuring .... drum roll ... meg's picks (again)!

Eager for Your Love - Tristen
"i learned about tristen from my musical friend luke, who is the reason behind my good taste in music (don't mind if i do). she is from nashville and i love her moody-sounding voice and lyrics."

Getting Ready for Christmas Day - Paul Simon
"background snippets from a 1941 preacher/gospel singer make this song extra cool. a fun holiday diddy to start playing after t-giving!"

Afternoon - Youth Lagoon
"my friend and musical soulmate, lauren, turned me onto this band and i immediately loved them. it reminds me a bit of mazzy star and cotton jones. the whole album is so listenable, mellow and glorious."


thanks, meg!

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