Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas movies.

i LOVE christmas (as we know by now). and i LOVE christmas movies. 

home alone (see here for the awesome home alone house) ... one of my all time favorite quotes is from this movie - "buzz, your girlfriend, woof" ...

christmas vacation - my sisters and i probably watch this movie 10 million times during the holiday season. it never gets old. even my dad laughs every time. talk about favorite quotes. forget it. my sisters and i can pretty much make a quote from this movie pertain to any life situation ...

the holiday - cheesy, i know. but i'm obsessed with the cottage in the English countryside. ok, and the glamorous house in LA ...

love actually - funny and cute ... and another one set in London (i love London) ...

emmett otter's jug-band christmas - ok, so this might not be a favorite (it's an old movie and a bit weird) but it's a family ... tradition? or something ... i blame lauren :)

a christmas story - poor ralphie ...

elf - i mean ... hilarious

and of course there's rudolph, frosty and the grinch ... all good ones.

i'll definitely be watching these (again) before the end of the month.

"oh here they come, here come the nuts."

happy viewing!

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  1. i always forget about love actually - that's a great one! ha, emmett strange. "your mother waxes her upper lip? huh. doesn't show." def the best movie of all.