Tuesday, December 6, 2011

holiday decor.

this weekend i was kind of crafty. we got a christmas tree (which is really fat, i love it). i decorated it with white lights, gold and silver ball ornaments, silver tinsel and topped it off with a gold bow. all the lights went out on the tree last night (awesome) so i'll have to fix that tonight (ugh). but it did (and hopefully will again) look like this ...


i also did a couple easy and festive DIY projects ... 

i saw this image on pinterest ...

and came up with this idea ...

glitter tea lights! (the other festive candles are from ikea)

it's really easy. all you need is tea lights, glass candle holders, glitter (any color) and water ...

1. fill holder with water (the less, the better)
2. dump some glitter in the water
3. gently swirl water so some of the glitter sticks to the glass above the water
4. gently place tea light in the water
5. light candle 
6. voila! 

the effect is so perty and it's so easy to do.

i also made white paper garland for our mantels, which are super easy (all you need is a glue stick, paper and scissors) ...

happy crafting!

photos: yours truly, pinterest

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  1. byrdie! you little craft head, you!!! i love all of it!! good thing you didn't use a stapler for your paper chain...ha. love the tea lights!!