Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy (i) heart day.

a treat for you awesome byrdie readers ... my sister, meg, is this month's guest blogger for i heart

things meg is loving lately ...

1. Trader Joes Amaryllis Plant
This was a Christmas gift from one of my students and I am siked/shocked to say that it is not only still living, but thriving! No matter how hard I try, almost every other flower or plant I've had, has died shortly after receipt. I can't figure it out and I always feel so sad for them. Anyway, this one is growing like bonkers and is about to bloom! It makes me happy..
I heard about this local/organic/natural grocery delivery service for a while and finally (after too many $$$ shopping trips at Whole Foods) decided to give it a try. Every two weeks I get a bin (which they reuse) full of local and/or organic produce plus a couple grocery items of my choosing for $35 (delivery fee included). It's completely customizable from the amount of produce, what kinds of produce and how often you get it delivered. And I don't have to be home to receive it! 
For those of you who have not stepped foot inside a lululemon store, don't ... unless you are prepared to spend. Their workout gear doubles as casual/run errands/lounge around/wear-every-single-day pieces - which makes it way too easy to justify your purchases. I have only shopped there twice but am in love with the four things I own. My latest and best purchase is the Wunder Under Leggings ... they are long enough for a tall gal like me, don't squeeze your love handles too much and have a heavier, more supportive fit than most other leggings.
I copied my sister, byrdie, by getting these boots and get more excited about them with each wear. They are great for rain and snow (and the occasional duck hunt, obviously), but they are also totally cool. They are great to wear with leggings and are extra roomy for big socks. The most comfortable and definitely favorite footwear I own right now. I am looking to change up the laces soon, just to keep the ducks guessing.
I discovered this gem by accident when I was buying my typical, everyday mascara (after trying others throughout the years, I keep coming back to this inexpensive, simple and effective product). It's their new "Lots of Lashes" wand which is smaller on one side - perfect for getting the inner lashes - duh! Plus, there is almost always a sale on this mascara in the drug store!
6. Shellac Manicure
I have my dad's hands ... which means they are usually dry and my nails are as weak as pita bread. Being a kindergarten teacher who is constantly washing my hands doesn't help either! So manicures rarely last more than 2 days and my hands just always look and feel a little rough. When I discovered the shellac manicure, my life changed - well, for a week and a half at least (that's how long a shellac manicure lasts for me without chipping or looking dull). It makes your nails look and feel stronger and like you just had a manicure. The only down side is having to go to the salon to get it removed.

 happy heart day! 

check out this awesome outfit by the (always) cool manrepeller ...

p.s. byrdie got a bit of a makeover ... hope you like it! more changes to come soon ... stay tuned!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

magazine monday.

(these are two of my favorite tears ever) 

i hope everyone had a great weekend (go giants!) ... it went fast, per usual but i was able to work on some creative stuff (woo!). fyi, i'll be posting a bit sporadically for a while (i'm working on some stuff that keeps me busy and unfortunately, doesn't allow a lot of time to spend on byrdie.) ... have a great week!

tears: unknown