Friday, May 4, 2012

charleston weekend.

all above photos are from my weekend in charleston, SC (a couple weeks ago) for one of my bff's weddings ... it was A-mazing. a southern wedding is something else, so fancy and lovely. caroline did such an awesome job envisioning, planning and making the wedding of her dreams come to life. the weekend was a total blast - the people, the food (the rehearsal dinner was a six course meal!), the drinks, the laughs ... wish we could do it all over again! thanks for checking out all the photos (i know it was a bit of a long post) ...

tgif! big weekend - cinco de mayo and the kentucky derby (wish i was going!) ... i think i'll be a bit too busy to really celebrate, booo. but i'm working on some styling projects which will be fun ... have a good one!

p.s. the guy with the fox ... father of the groom/the best man (southern tradition) ... there were lots of jokes about that thing ...


  1. Yea! Such great snaps, makes me sad it is all over but what a grand time we had !!! Caroline

  2. Love the pictures. You and Arnel look so good! Miss you Bryn! and Southern weddings are the best!

  3. Congrats to Caroline!! Looks like SO much fun! And ps- i want your black dress- short in the front and long in the back! where from? ;)

  4. @Carol - glad you like the photos! i owe you more.
    @Lex - thank you! miss you too!
    @MABELLE - dress is byCORPUS from urban, here's the link!