Monday, June 18, 2012


my weekend in photos ...

 1. my awesome, rented mint green bike
2. dream home ... *sigh*
3. italian ice ... needed after a long bike ride
4. nel with Sharky, the bike
5. boardwalk carousel swings
6. post beach and bike ride snack and beverage
7. beach arm party
8. defender 90, my dream car
9. view while getting above snack
10. the amazing beach
11. dinner arm party
12. byrdie basket!
13. starship on the boardwalk
14. yours truly
15. going for a run
16. dinner view

it was an awesome weekend ... very relaxing, which i needed. p.s. i totally want a beach cruiser bike with a basket for brooklyn, it's such a great way to get around! and now back to city life ... on tap for the week - soccer, hanging with a friend, a book party, morning runs and the usual stuff (grocery store, emails, pretending to organize our apartment ... ). happy monday!

photos: yours truly

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  1. Lovely pics! I'm craving a little down time... And nothing feels better than being by the ocean!