Thursday, August 16, 2012


our last night on vacation, we went to dinner as a family (my parents, three sisters and two brother-in-laws) ... a great way to end an awesome week. i wore my striped american apparel skirt and cropped t-shirt (i'll feature this outfit again shortly for a better look at it).

... and that wraps up my vacation posts! let's recap (to see everything i packed, click here) ...

clothing: i only didn't wear four items - black cotton dress, black romper, white t-shirt and one of the cropped t's. not bad! (the pieces that weren't featured on my blog were worn casually to the beach and just didn't get photographed). do bathing suits count as clothing? if so, i wore all of them.

accessories: i wore one of the baseball hats every day to the beach (a good way to protect your face from the sun and hide knotty hair after swimming in the ocean). i wore all three pairs of the shoes. i didn't wear any belts ... i guess while on a casual beach vacation, belts aren't a necessity for me, i like to keep it simple. i used both pouches. i varied my bracelets a bit but mostly wore the same necklaces all week.

overall, i did a pretty good job at wearing what i packed. sometimes it's good to have a few extra pieces because you never know what mood you'll be in and sometimes an outfit you packed just doesn't feel right when you put it on, so you'll need some back-up. you just have to make sure the pieces you pack are versatile.

i hope you enjoyed my vacation posts! if so, i'll do more trip posts in the future.

p.s. i was going to post this yesterday but i'm having some technical difficulties ... and by that i mean i accidentally spilled water on my laptop ... and killed it. boooo. i'm at my sister's apartment using her computer today and hoping to borrow an old desktop from my her until i get a new one ... so please bear with me!


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  1. you did a great job packing byrdie! i need to follow your advice in the future.