Friday, August 3, 2012


i'm off to myrtle beach today! soooo excited ... family, beach, pool, games, cook outs, sun, laughs ...

i'll be there for one week so packing was a bit tough. above is what i ended up with ... i'm not much of an outfit packer, i bring things i'm into at the moment and that i think will mix and match. summer is usually easier and especially a beach vacation which is laid back. we'll see what i end up wearing, what i don't and how efficiently i packed. my goal is to post a picture of what i wear every day while there, so stay tuned!

the lineup ...

clothes: hoodie, cardigan, button-up, striped long sleeved shirt, black cotton dress, black romper, denim skirt, black skirt, striped skirt, two striped cropped t's, two vintage t's, one white t, six tanks and six pairs of shorts. 

bathing suits: four

accessories: two pairs of flip flops, keds, four belts, seven hair accessories, two watches, seven necklaces, three pairs of earrings, twenty eight bracelets (ha!), running watch, goggles (duh), two pouches, three hats.

happy friday!

photos: yours truly

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  1. I've done a few posts on packing - but girl, this the THE post par excellence! Love it! Great tips!