Monday, October 8, 2012

vintage plaid.

top: ralph lauren, vintage (similar-ish). shorts: levi's. shoes: keds. bag: louis vuitton

denim cut-offs with a button-up is probably my favorite outfit these days ... shocking about the denim cut-offs, i know. this shirt is so soft and comfortable and made it's byrdie debut back in march (see here). i bought the little gold ring on my middle finger from this cute boutique, by brooklyn, which only sells things made in brooklyn - so cool. 

the "smile" charm on my bag was given to me by my sister, meg, years ago when i was having a tough time with my job at that time and wasn't sure what i wanted to do with my career ... it made me smile then and still does so i haven't been able to take it off. it's a nice little reminder. 

happy monday!

photos: arnel andrada

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