Friday, March 15, 2013

denim on denim.

top: gap (similar). jeans: BDG. shoes: vince camuto (similar). beanie: american apparel. watch: timex. arrow cuff: stella & dot. black bracelet: lust bracelet. skull ring: via ladybird. sunglasses: ray-ban. bag: henri bendel (similar).

the canadian tuxedo ... i've always said that i would never wear denim on denim (just like i have said and will forever say that i will never wear uggs. that you can hold me to. for sure.) .... maybe this scared me away from the all denim look. kidding. kind of. but really, i think i have seen it done wrong so many times and on so many levels that i just never wanted to try it. however, recently i've seen it done right (i'm talking to you, man repeller) and it inspired me to wear the look. and voila. i secretly (or not so secretly now) like it. a lot.

if you're brave enough to try this at home ... try contrasting denim. the jeans should be darker than the shirt or vise versa. and i like the slouchy, comfortable look as it's not so serious or contrived. it conveys a more relaxed, laid back look ... as this look should be in my opinion. 

questions? comments? let me know!

happy friday!

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photos: arnel andrada

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  1. I will also NEVER wear uggs. Love the denim on denim!