Friday, March 8, 2013


 a look at what i've been up to on instagram lately ... 

 a close-up look at my blue velvet pants
a stroll down one of my favorite streets in brooklyn
with allison of ladybird after the d&a trade show where we found some goodies for her store 
 love this red, homage hat (that i got for my bf but also secretly for myself)
bundled up for dinner and a movie in the hood
 cocktails at brooklyn social club
out with my lady friend, allison (i love how she pulls off paint splattered, vintage overalls)
 denim on denim ... more on this next week
 faux fur, stripes, plaid and studs
throwback to last may ... can't wait for warmer weather!
pretty flowers on our mantel
 sisters again!
yankees and faux fur
love my tuxedo pants

happy friday, woop! i'll be staying in tonight with movies and maybe some wine (it is friday, right?) .... cheers to a snowy weekend! 

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