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"I want to look good but the last thing I want to stress about or spend time on is picking out an outfit. After working with Bryn, it now takes me 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning instead of 30 minutes of changing outfits and ending up with a pile of clothes on the bed. And, the best part is that I feel good about what I'm wearing! Bryn pulled together fresh new outfits from my existing wardrobe and took pictures of each. The pictures are key because I didn't have to remember the styling tips she gave me or what I should be wearing together because I have all of the outfits saved on my computer. She has a great sense of style and is so easy to work with!"
 Kristin ... New York City

"What a difference three hours can make! For over a year, I grumbled about hating everything in my closet. Then, Bryn came into my world for a consultation and helped me weed out the clothes that didn't make  me happy, re-love the items I already owned and develop a keen eye when shopping for new additions to my wardrobe. She even took photos of me in "new" outfits, combining articles of clothing I owned but had never thought to pair together. Getting dressed in the morning has become an act of creativity rather than a monotonous routine. Bryn's post consultation follow-up email provided a summary of our time together and specific suggestions for new purchases and links on where to find them! I could not be happier with the entire process."
 Kristin ... Columbus, Ohio

"Bryn is creative, fun and easy to work with. She quickly figured out my style and used a variety of pieces in my wardrobe to put together great looks that I never knew I already owned! Deciding what to wear is so much easier now - I can just refer to the photos she took of each look. She'll also give you suggestions on what pieces to add to your wardrobe, where to get them and how to style them. Unleash her on your closet - you'll be happy you did!"
Tammy Walker ... New York City

"Loved working with Bryn!! It was so much fun to see how she took items from my closet  and actually made them come together to make GREAT outfits that I have already worn and received numerous compliments on. So fun!! I have been telling everyone how she transformed my boring "stay at home mom" look into something fun and exciting. And, it doesn't take me 3 hours to figure out what to wear!! (My husband LOVES that part). It was also so helpful to have her written feedback with real suggestions (and easy links) on what to add to my wardrobe. Loved the whole experience and can't wait to have her back in my closet again soon!!"
 Ria ... Columbus, Ohio

"Bryn's help was so necessary and overdue for my closet! Although it was scary at first to get rid of so many things, she helped me realize it is much better to only have things that fit well and that I enjoy wearing in my closet versus a closet full of ill-fitting and unflattering clothes. She helped me find some basic, versatile tops that I can wear to work, out with friends and casually on the weekend which was my biggest weakness. My favorite are the silky blouse tops she picked out for me - an item I never would have considered but they are now staples! I am looking forward to enlisting her help when I have a budget to spend on new clothes."
Meg ... Cincinnati, Ohio