Wednesday, February 16, 2022

outfit inspo

the bf and i are heading to the carolinas on friday - we're going to charlotte, checking out asheville and ending the trip with charleston. i love charleston, haven't been in years but it's such a fun city. i haven't been to charlotte since high school for a soccer tournament (at least i think we went there) so i'm excited to check it out. i've already found some plant based restaurants that i'm excited to try. i haven't been to asheville and it seems like there's a lot to do - nature, breweries, shops, a cute natural wine store (the only wine i drink these days after learning about it), coffee shops and lots of plant based food. 

so, my point in telling you this is that i've been thinking about what i'm going to pack (i always start thinking about this way before any trip i take)... the weather is going to be all over the place, ranging from 40s (at night) to 70s with sun, clouds and rain. so... i guess i'm packing layers. i'm using these photos as inspiration for packing...

we'll see how it works out... i'm trying to pack mix and match things so i don't overpack (fingers crossed!).
stay tuned for a food and drink recap on the trip ! 

images: pinterest

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


 valentine's day is around the corner and while i'm not one to really get into the holiday, i do love a cute bracelet (or many, obviously) and these fun heart styles are perfect gifts for your mom, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, kids, babysitter, kid's teacher, mail carrier, barista... or yourself 😉 for valentine's day or any day...

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

byrdie is back

i'm bringing byrdie back. 

i had so much fun looking back at my old posts (even though some are kind of embarrassing, ha 😬). a blog is such a fun way to document stuff in an old school way. i miss the days of checking out my favorite blogs. they seemed cooler, more creative, more authentic and more personal vs social media these days. i'm talking about the days before the "influencer" thing came about when people actually creatively styled themselves with old, new, high and low fashion vs getting paid to wear pre-styled, all one brand outfits head to toe. where's the fun in that? 

anyway, i digress and here we are!

 it'll be a spot for style inspo, jewelry, outfits, home stuff, houses, food stuff (plant based recipes, restos, products), low waste stuff, hikes, nature, travel, etc...

 check out for my bracelets

thanks for coming!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

fall 2015 RTW : tess giberson

New York Fashion Week has begun .... and i'm OBSESSED with these looks from the Tess Giberson Fall 2015 collection. the monochromatic layers are so perfect .... 

this look (below) is amazing. the layering is SO good ....
obsessed with this look below. want to live in it ....

see the entire presentation here and check out more of my favorite runway looks on pinterest