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my talented friend, thea (featured earlier this year in a post showing you how to wear your Saja wedding dress for the big day and after - see here) has started her own line of amazing bridal accessories ... 


today we're featuring several of her amazing pieces ...

Audrey Belt 

"This is one of my favorite pieces. I love how whimsical it is, but the swarovski crystal pieces I used in the center give it a little "oomph". It reminds me of a fairy tale. I love the idea that many of my pieces can be worn again, after the wedding. As a bride, you spend so much time choosing all the right pieces, and then after, you can't help but feel sad putting them all away indefinitely - not to mention that it's nice to get a few uses out of something you invested in. Here, I show the Audrey belt with a simple summer floral dress, but I could also see it working nicely over a printed cardigan or as a headband!"

Bloom Veil

"This is one of my favorite pictures we took, my model, Mary (a good friend!) looks so happy and in-the-moment. The lighting is wonderful too. This veil does really well for me because it is so soft and feminine with the floral garnishes, it doesn't compete with the bride's wedding gown. It can also be moved and placed over a side bun after the ceremony so you still get that bit of adornment."


"I put a lot of love and energy into this piece. The 20's and 30's are a big influence on me, I love how they wore such intricate head pieces! Here, I strived to make something that pulled that all together but wasn't too over-the-top. I love how the shape wraps around the head. The piece incorporates a number of different types of gold beads, off white feathers and hand cut pieces of silk organza - it is a show stopper!"

Bryn Belt 

"I have worked with a number of brides who wanted something "warm toned" which is how this piece came about. I LOVE the gold flower pieces I found for the center so I worked off of that inspiration. I used a few different types of tulle in warm tones to create a more dimensional look. It has a very vintage vibe, I see this on a bride who is getting married in a rustic wedding venue, lots of candle light vignettes. Since this piece is gold toned, I think it would be really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe after the wedding, I paired it with a chunky sweater and a sun dress. I could also see it worn over a crisp white button-down. The writer of this amazing blog is named Bryn, we met a long time ago in NYC at a store we both worked at. I am so happy that we had that opportunity and have cultivated a friendship long after many moons have passed. When I met her, I always knew I wanted to use her name for a piece - it has such a good essence to it."

Marion Belt 

"When I first started brainstorming a name for this piece, I kept referring to it as the "wheat belt" - it reminds me of gilded strands of straw. I love the delicate, 1930's quality of the beading. I had a lot of fun choosing the beads for this and then getting it just the right shape. I imagine a bride wearing this belt with her gown surrounded by a field of tall grass at dusk; the colors and textures would be so magical."

Nalla flower 

"This flower piece has been one of my most popular items, it has a very versatile quality to it. I love how full and 3 dimensional it is, while still remaining delicate. It can be worn as a hair piece, or I also make it with a pin clip so you can wear it on a sash. As you can see below, Mary wore it on the lapel of a blazer for her "after the wedding" look."

Ella Flower 

"The Ella flower was one of the first pieces I made, I wanted a flower that had texture to it but wasn't bulky. I am not drawn to making flowers with the typical "mock petal" shapes, I think they just don't do a real flower justice. I strive to create silk flowers that capture the essence of a flower but are unique. The ribbon on this flower sash easily slips off (there are loops on the back), so I could imagine a bride switching out the sash color after the ceremony to something more festive. Likewise, after the big day, change up the ribbon color and wear it as a headband!"

and now, a little question and answer with the designer ...

1. how much time is spent on each piece?

The initial process for each piece is very organic for me, I usually am out and about and have a "moment of inspiration", then I go home and try to make it a reality. I usually go through a bit of a process there, some things look good in your head, but then need to be reworked in reality. I tend to take at least an hour on each item, between cutting the pieces out, steaming the fabrics and putting it all together. I can spend up to 3 hours on one piece depending on how detailed it is. Once I have a piece set and finished, they are easier to replicate. I will sit down with a good show or movie and crank out a few orders.

2. how did you come up with the name hushedCOMMOTION?

In my sophomore year of college I did a collection for the On Campus fashion show and I wanted to come up with a name for my pieces that conveyed "soft but strong" - it developed from there. I like feminine, soft pieces, but they always have some element of potency.  

3. what's your current favorite piece in the line?

I love the Audrey belt, I think it pulls together a lot of elements that I am drawn to - it is whimsical, but the Swarovski crystals make it pop. 

4. how did you get into designing bridal accessories?

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, that is one reason I studied fashion design. Throughout school I loved being able to sit down in one day and create something just out of my apartment, no other people or places needed. I like to have an idea and then see it right away, with accessories I can be very creative and create designs as my whim. Through my job in the Bridal industry, I came to appreciate and enjoy working with brides, it is a special time in their lives and they appreciate the time and creativity put into the pieces I make.

5. what's your favorite brunch spot in brooklyn? (she lives in the hood and as you all know by now, i'm a new-ish brooklyn resident)

I love going to Olea on DeKalb. Their Turkish Breakfast plate is so fresh and satisfying, I always feel full but not heavy from the food. Great cocktails too! 

6. what is your dream wedding location?

I have seen so many beautiful weddings and I am constantly inspired, so I am still collecting ideas. I think the most I know at this point is that I want something outside and more of a "soiree" event. Weddings should be a celebration. I am from N.C. and I love the mountains there and the climate - that could be a wonderful place for a wedding.

to find out where to snag one of the above lovely products (and more), see here.

also, check out hushedCOMMOTION on facebook here.

any favorites, byrdie readers?? i'm a bit partial to the Bryn Belt :) but i also really love the Marion belt. gorgeous.

a big thank you to thea!! 

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